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Curriculum Vitae

Spiros A. Moschonas studied linguistics and philosophy of language at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.), the University of Maryland (at the College Park), and the University of Texas (at Austin). In 1994 he obtained his Ph.D. in Linguistics from the School of Philosophy of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki. He has participated in several research projects in computational linguistics (1986-1994). He was involved in the Program for the Education of the Muslim Children in Western Thrace (1998-2004). He has edited several books for teaching Greek as a second language.

S. A. Moschonas taught linguistics at the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the University of Cyprus (1995-1997). Since 1997 he teaches linguistics and philosophy of language at the Department of Communication and Media Studies of the University of Athens.

Research interests: grammatical analysis, history of linguistics, language ideologies, philosophy of language, Greek as a foreign language.